About Us

This non-profit dance group and social organization was originally formed in Cleveland, OH on June 2, 2007, by Annie Smith. Ms. Smith relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, in July of 2008. In September of 2009, the City of Jacksonville Division of Parks and Recreation gave her the opportunity to start two Sassy Seniors and Steppers Line Dance Classes in Duval County.

Ms. Smith is the president of the board and dance instructor. She plans and supervises the functions of the organization; schedules performances, plans social activities and solicits donations. The secretary, Pamela Perkins, keeps records of class member’s information, attendance and performances. The treasurer/financial secretary, Dolly Smith, maintains the financial records, class members and business donations. The parliamentarian, Dexter Thomas, maintains class order, structure and is our DJ. Rosemary Morton is our senior advisor.

The Sassy Seniors and Steppers were formed in order to meet some of the basic affordable physical and social needs of a neglected group of individuals. Retirees who want to remain active including pre-seniors like Ms. Smith who are too old for recreation centers but too young and restricted from the senior centers. It is also for seniors that desire more physical and social activities than senior centers have to offer. Our goal is to promote spiritual growth, provide the community with activities to improve their physical fitness, programs that promote education and financial growth, and social activities that build friendships and family relationships.

Board Members

Annie Smith - President

Dolly Smith - Financial Secretary

Dexter Thomas - Parliamentarian & D.J

Pamela Perkins - Secretary

Rosemary Morton - Senior Advisor